When M. Cary, Inc. is involved with a project prior to the start of construction, we work with our clients to ensure the job will operate on-time and under budget.  We examine all aspects of the project to analyze cost and feasibility, and to devise appropriate solutions to deliver the project in a way that will exceed our client’s expectations.  We help to minimize costs for our client, while also indentifying optimal scheduling techniques and the best possible building materials for the job.  We also work alongside the project’s architect to help prepare a construction schedule that meets the needs of everyone involved with the project.  Our significant building experience helps our clients get the best value for their money without compromising quality of construction.

General Contracting:

When we are chosen as the general contractor for a project, we obtain bids from multiple subcontractors of each trade, to ensure that our client is getting competitive prices and that the subcontractors chosen will provide the most accurate and comprehensive proposals for the scope of work involved.  We have a team of experienced Superintendents on-site at each of our jobs to make sure that all processes are executed appropriately and that all safety requirements are being met.

Construction Management:

As a construction manager, M. Cary, Inc. can oversee all aspects of a project, including design, budgeting, scheduling and execution.  As the project manager, our team’s goal is to supervise all construction activities, while controlling costs, making sure deadlines are met and maintaining quality production standards.  Throughout the life of the project, we will evaluate all aspects of the job, to help keep costs down, to make sure the project is operating efficiently, and to maximize our client’s budget.

Parking Area Maintenance:

Through our affiliate, M. Cary Markings, Inc., we offer top quality pavement marking and related services year-round.  We are one of the largest and most reputable parking area maintenance contractors on Long Island.  Our capabilities include line-striping, asphalt repairs, seal coating, traffic signage, and more.

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